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Measurements in geothermal boreholes (shallow geothermal energy)

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As part of the water law approval, the lower water authorities of the state of Brandenburg and the Senate Department for Urban Development and the Environment of the city of Berlin require the geophysical survey of at least one of the boreholes drilled for the installation of geothermal probes.
Bohrlochmessung - Storkow GmbH offers this geophysical survey of geothermal boreholes in the Berlin - Brandenburg area at a reduced fixed price that is also affordable for private clients.

What is the aim of the geophysical survey?

Any borehole stratigraphy, which is compiled on the basis of the extracted borehole material, is subject to errors in mud boreholes due to the drilling method.

With the help of geophysical investigations, the bore stratigraphy can be corrected.

Why is the corrected bore log needed?

The stratified log must be submitted to the competent authority.

For smaller systems with a heating capacity of up to 30 KW, the heat that can be achieved with the geothermal probe (extraction capacity according to VDI - Guideline 4640, Sheet 2) is usually calculated using the corrected stratified log.

How is a geophysical survey carried out?

The timing (organisation) of the survey is done by the drilling company.

If possible, the measuring vehicle (all-terrain van) drives up to a few metres backwards to the borehole. For the measurement (measurement method: GR/FEL), about one hour of measurement time is to be planned for an approximately 100 m deep borehole.

Afterwards, the installation of the borehole heat exchanger can begin immediately.

How is the geophysical survey documented?

A measurement report is prepared on site and handed over to the client.

The detailed evaluation (interpretation) of the measurement results is carried out within one to two working days after the transfer of the bore stratum log. This will be included in the documentation.

The client receives a measurement diagram which, in addition to the measurement curves and the borehole log, contains a corrected geological log according to borehole geophysics.